As a university student, I have been taught that success is about getting good grades, getting into a good college and getting a good job. However, what will happen if I lose my job to automation? What will happen if I get laid off? What will happen if I can’t work? It is now more important than ever to generate passive income. I will be sharing my path to passive income with you and hope you can learn from my experiments so you can do the same.

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Amazon FBA: Where To Start?

Amazon FBA: Where To Start?

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Why Start Now?

Why Start Now?

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My Journey

My Journey

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My Focus


With an increasing number of jobs being automated, it is now more important than ever to generate passive income.

I will be writing about my journey to financial freedom and sharing what works and what doesn't.

Amazon FBA

My friends recently introduced me to Amazon FBA and I believe that it offers a great opportunity for anyone trying to generate passive income.

I will talk about the process, retail and online arbitrage, my goals and how you can take action.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate passive income when you are just starting your journey.

I will show you how to earn passively through affiliate networking and guide you along the way.

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Join me on my journey for passive income updates, strategies, Amazon FBA profitable product alerts and promotional items


Book Of The Month

Zero To One

Written by Peter Thiel, the man behind PayPal and early investor of Facebook. I was recommended this book by friends who started their own venture.

Zero To One is Peter Thiel’s first book and it uncovers his mindset on determining what business ideas are worth pursuing and which ones are not. The book has been subject to high critical acclaim and I am excited to read about it. Please check back here later this month and I will review the book once it is finished.

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